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Along Logistics continues to carry out transportation, distribution, storage and transportation services with high success, as can be understood from its certificates and customer satisfaction rate so far. Thanks to the experience of its employees, the hardware of the vehicles and the customer service that can be easily contacted, it has managed to become one of the few brands that has made its name in the sector. Thanks to its place in the sector and past studies, it has gained a wide environment and has grown its success by providing all necessary conditions at home and abroad and has created its own network environment.

We provide logistics services in accordance with the characteristics of your shipments with our professional employees who draw the most suitable transportation format and the fastest route for you. However, we have proven ourselves in all areas that you are likely to need with options such as storage, cold air transportation, road, seaway, airline. We are committed to including sea and air transportation and intercontinental transportation network while providing logistics services to every city in Turkey. It is possible to reach our services that can be customized upon your request, the export rates and quality you target with Along quality.

You can direct every question you want to ask during or before the transportation service to the communication experts and evaluate your specific quotes.

Quality Service

Service understanding that meets the needs and expectations of our customers


We use time effectively, listen to our customers and constantly improve ourselves.


We know our limits, care about privacy and implement our work plans one-on-one.


Our work guides us, we analyze our work well and we never stop doing our best.

Our Logistics Solutions by Sectors

We make long-term investments for your company with the same excitement and continuity in many sectors and specialize in sectoral solutions. It is possible to sort the word logistics in three main headings and subheadings. Transportation (Domestic, International), Storage (Free and Warehouse), Customs services are basic services.

Secure & Reliable

Today, the most preferred road transportation in the field of transportation is because road transportation is reliable, it is widely used and it can ensure the transportation of more cargo.

Easy & Convenient

All types of logistics support, from the transportation of the produced product to the transportation of a factory and the transportation of your heavy project work, are realized by road transportation.


Because our experience, we are strong!

  • Transparent, Effective and Efficient Service
  • Professional and Expert Staff
  • Fast and Safe Delivery
  • Tailored Solutions
  • Understanding of Perfection
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